Plex server not finding the drive you want to save to(Linux)?

My Problem

Alright so I thought I would do a quick post on a problem that I just ran into and solved recently.  I installed plex media server in my Linux computer with no issues.  I had all my movies and TV shows saved on an external hard drive plugged into my computer.

I tried everything

Opening the config file with:

sudo nano /etc/default/plexmediaserver

Finding this line:


and changing plex to my username didn’t work.
But give it a try it if you haven’t yet.

My Solution

What ended up working for me was the command:

sudo chown -R plex /media/

I tried it with:

sudo chown -R plex /media/tom/TomZeehsDrive

Which was the location of my actual hard drive but that didn’t work.
I had to move up a directory to get it to finally work.
Hope this helps some people out there.
Happy Watching!!!

Google Pixel The Awakening

I usually go with Samsung for a smartphone because they make a great product, and despite the note’s recent explosive setbacks, the s7 is doing great in sales and a great phone overall. I will not be writing about the s7 or Samsung though. This will be an article about the rise of the google Pixel.

I will not shy away from considering myself a google fanboy. A Google fanboy and the closely related sheeple of the apple brand should be proud of the companies they love and mindlessly give great deals of money too.

The only apple product I have ever owned is one of the first ipod touches, but I can see what kids see in cinnamon apple jack crunch and why apple is the powerhouse it is today. Apple has been able to be so successful mostly because of one thing. They control both the software and hardware sides of their product line.

You cannot underestimate the effect it has on both the design and function of a phone to have a company control both the hardware and software sides of the same device. With the usual android phone I feel like you end up with some kind of frankenstein’s monster phone with random cell phone pieces and code bits stolen from steve jobs’s grave. But finally google was able to realize that getting into the hardware game is worth their time and money.

One problem I have always had with both windows and android is the goddamn hardware developers putting their shitty ass inferior malware software on your expensive phone or pc. Sorry got a little graphic there but I feel very strongly on the subject. Not only does it usually look ugly, but it even affects the speed at which the device receives updates, poses a security risk for hacker to exploit and even keeps cool new features out of our already “gotta have it now” hands.

I do not believe I have seen a first generation of phone that is as good as the google pixel is. Remember I am not a phone reviewer that can get their hands on every phone that comes out but I would recommend this phone to anyone that asks. It’s main drawback is that Verizon is the only carrier for it, but if you can swing the dough you are able to order it directly from google and put it on your own carrier. I will be very very disappointed if this has to be case with the next Pixel phone. As an avid observer of google products I fully expect this phone to only get better with more generations released.

One thing I really like about the Pixel is the fingerprint scanner. It works flawlessly where I had many problems with the s7 failing to recognize my thumb. I thought somehow I had some sort of mutating snake skin thumbprint, where I would have to redo my thumbprint every few weeks. Having it on the back just seems like an overall better design decision for all phones in general.

The very best feature of the phone I would have to say is the integration it has with the google search engine. Google assistant is the best assistant app on any phone or computer, not because it is necessarily better, but because it has google’s big hulking data muscles behind it.

Here are some pictures I took with the phone.  They are much better quality than the pictures the guy below will be taking.

I have found the google photo app to be totally worth using, and the fact that you get unlimited storage for free with a Pixel is frosting on the cake. It is so easy to take pictures at a certain event then just share them with the friends and family that were there.

The camera is magnificent, I have never been a person that takes many pictures, but I think I will definitely start now that they look so good and are so easy to share.
I look forward to the future generations of the google Pixel and I know I will most likely be sticking with it as my future phone . When you use google’s services as much as as I do you really don’t have any other choice. That is really where we come down to, and where I see it coming down to in the future, Big A vs Big G. These two will continue earning a larger and larger lead on their competition and eventually the others will be left in the dust.

Thanks for reading.

Just Hal 9000 stealing your heart, literally

Source Article

One of the most interesting up-and-coming technologies we can look forward to is driverless vehicles.  It is estimated that driverless cars will reduce traffic fatalities by up to 90%.This new way of humans getting around provides many benefits to us (the biggest being saving us from ourselves), but it also contains a few not so apparent disadvantages.  Currently 20% of organ donations come from vehicle fatalities. Now that may not seem like a huge amount, but in an industry that is in desperate need of every single organ it can get its blue gloved hands on, the impact is detrimental.

A common theme we will see throughout our future when it comes to getting an organ is that, money rules all.  Today if you want to be guaranteed an organ you need to be put onto multiple transplant lists which is not a cheap option whatsoever.  So when it comes to getting an organ, you either hope to get lucky or pay for your luck to change.

While speaking on income inequality, the other side of the coin should be addressed.  Poor people will be taken advantage of.  They are desperate and if it means their short term problems will be taken care of they have shown they will sign on the dotted line.  Look at the rise of all the check into cash establishments that are doing the same thing with paychecks instead of kidneys.

I won’t leave you with such grim thoughts though.

Our shining knight science, will always be there for us.  Great advancements in creating tissue in labs as well as inside animals have come along nicely.  Smart people are working on making it safer for us to get around without threat of human error killing us, as well as growing organs in as many animals PETA will let us get our hands on.  Our society will as always have trouble with change when it comes to both vehicle automation and unnatural organ creation.  It will be up to some smart and perseverant people in government if we are ever to have a chance of dealing with this ever approaching problem. Thanks for reading.

Always watching, always listening

The surgence of IOT (internet of things) devices this past year has put the lawyers of the criminal defense world into a sense of frenzy.  What should and can be admissible into a court of law?  Where does our privacy begin and end?  Many of these devices with microphones are put into our houses by ourselves in a hope to make our lives easier, but at what cost?

I personally believe if you go out and take the step of putting these ‘always on’ devices into your home you are for the most part throwing out your right to a private home.  Now that is not saying your data should be accessible to any willie nillie out there, but a court with a valid warrant should and will more than likely be able to get what is on google/amazon’s servers. Myself for example, do I plan on putting these security suicide devices into my home? Hell yes, they are cool as heck. I want to be at the forefront of all the new technology happenings, but I realize that I am putting myself at a risk. A risk I am willing to take.

I was  actually quite surprised when I opened up my google home app and looked at a listing of every single command I asked over the past week(“Ok Google, What are you wearing”). 🙂 I don’t know how things should be handled in the legal sense , but what I do know is that this technology is going to be the future of how the internet interacts with us in our daily lives.  We have some interesting and thought provoking times ahead of us and I for one am very excited for them. So pull up a chair and discuss with me. You can find out more about google home and amazon echo at the links provided. Thanks for reading.

Uber Drones

You are stuck in traffic on your commute to work.  Everything is crawling by, yet a flicker of fast movement is caught out of the corner of your eye.  You look to see a small white board being flown towards your car.  The drone carrying the sign places itself in front of your car and you see that it says Happy Birthday [Enter Name Here]! As you roll down the window you can make out the sound of the Happy birthday song being played by the drone as it circles your car.  You make awkward eye contact with the girl in the car next to you as you sheepishly smile and sink down into your drivers-side seat.

Drones toting around little signs is definitely an interesting concept to consider when thinking on the future we have to look forward too(or not to). The scene in this picture was taken from Mexico City. The signs are an ad campaign  trying to shame the drivers that are driving alone and not ride-sharing as the reason they are not able to see the volcano tops due to smog. A little over the top but what ad’s aren’t  This ad campaign is done by Uber for their new service Uber Pool, a car pooling service  which has been brought to mexico and a few other territories in South America. Both Mexico and Brazil are very big markets for the taxi service Uber. The greatest reasons being the lower number of regulations that they have to jump around make the creation of these new services and expansions much easier to accomplish.

Uber has enjoyed relatively low amounts of competition in the Americas, with Lyft being the only real threat.  This is not the case in China.  In fact Uber has sold their Uber chinese division because they were not able to compete with the other chinese Uber copy-cats.  China has a very deep rooted distrust for any companies coming outside of it’s borders, I should say China’s Government has the distrust.  Without companies having the cooperation of the government it is nearly impossible to get their services to compete in a chinese market.

Seems like Uber has more freedom in certain countries so mexico and brazil are more than likely to be the guinea pigs for new and upcoming ideas that are throttled by the first world’s slow litigation process.  

If there is one thing Uber can do to make me happy it would be make their drones look more like this guy from Mario Kart.


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No, you can’t leave…

Seems like not to long ago the world of Yahoo and AOL supremacy was not that long ago. I remember my AOL instant messenger name was Tomestone500(didn’t have my spelling skills down quite yet). In fact it really wasn’t that long ago ,but in tech years that can be considered an eternity.

When I worked for a electronics store and was required to get peoples email addresses I was always surprised to find out how many people still had yahoo and AOL accounts as their primary email.  One thing is for sure un tech-savvy people don’t like change, especially when it comes to their everyday experiences.

As a programmer that deals with different tech and software on a daily basis, I enjoy changing up my user interface experience. I find myself changing my chrome theme or desktop look about once a month when the old one just seems to get stale.  I will do a phone wipe ever once in a while when it seems my phone is getting overburdened with unused apps and such.  It just gives me that clean slate feeling to hit the reset button and I feel like it helps the speed of my phone as a result.

Verizon has bought out both AOL and Yahoo in what they say is an attempt to bring them back to life, but really it’s for their huge amount of Data they have on  their millions of users.  The problem is most of their users are older un tech savvy people so the information that they are getting is not going to be a very valid source for much longer.

Something else that was uncovered about these poor email users is that a tool was created by Yahoo to search all of their email’s for a specific keyword given to them by the FBI.  The email’s intercepted would not have to even be read by the recipient for the program to pick them up(which is normally a requirement).

With this latest revelation a lot of these email users decided that enough was enough and they started to process of migrating their email service to another provider.  The only problem is that when this started happening yahoo disabled their ability to forward their emails to another service like google.  They said it was to provide a better experience for their users, but the timing of it all points to them hitting the panic button.

They are a dead company that have had millions put towards returning them to their former glory. I feel like it’s just too late and they have been brain dead for to long to get anything out of the dead matter that is left.  So it seems that Verizon should just get what money they can from dissecting what big data they have left and move onto other ventures.

RIP yahoo games and AIM instant messenger. You will be missed.

Press play to pay respects.


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How to create a bootable linux mint USB

Quick Walk-through:

  1. Download your distro-Linux Mint Download Site
  2. Download USB Installer-USB Installer Download
  3. Put Mint in top box
  4. Put recently download ISO path in next box
  5. Put which letter drive your flash drive is plugged in
  6. Press the create button
  7. Done!

Expanded Walk-through:

So today we are going to create a boot-able Linux mint USB drive. I chose to use the desktop environment Cinnamon since I was putting it on a more powerful machine that could handle it. If you are putting it on lower spec’d machine I would suggest MATE. Take a look at below to compare the other Desktop environments and choose the one the works best for your situation.

Link to Desktop Environments comparison

First thing we are going to do is download the ISO file, since that is going to take the longest.

Go to the link below.

Linux Mint Download


Click the desktop edition you want(I chose Cinnamon) and the bit size (I chose 64-bit).

Now we have that in the process of downloading(which might take a while). We have a USB Installer to download.

USB Installer Download

Once both have successfully download, open the Universal-USB-Installer.exe file

Click I agree.

Find Linux Mint in the first box and select it.

Select the path for your just download Linux mint download ISO file in the next box.

Then select the drive the flash drive you want to write to is located in. Check your my computer if you don’t know.

Finally hit the Create button. This process might take a little bit, but when it is done eject the drive and you will be able to plug it into the computer you want to install Linux Mint to.


If you like the Quick Walk-through  let me know in the comments and I will continue it.  If you want to find out when I post something new click the link below.

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Learn how to put Raspbian on a Raspberry Pi


Raspbian is a Linux operating system designed specifically to put on the raspberry pi.  It can be considered the starting point of many raspberry pi projects.

This tutorial is going to be very similar to the retro pi tutorial, you just need to download a different file and flash it.

So first go to the  link below and download the current Rasbian file.


Download Raspbian Here

Then click the blue square and download the zip file.

This file can be pretty large.

So once it has been downloaded extract it where you can find it later. Now follow this link below and instead of using the retro pie file use the Rasbian file we just downloaded.

Link to directions.

Once you have this file flashed over to the SD card you should now have Rasbian on your raspberry pi. Which allows you have a desktop experience and even have yourself a portable desktop that you can bring with you when traveling. There are also many other programs that can be downloaded for this particular operating system, many of which we are going to be using in the future.

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Create Your Own Retro Gaming Station


Everyone remembers what it was like to play the games of old.  Those small pixels came to life thanks to our imagination and game developer’s creativity.  So we are going to try to find a way back to those good times with this tutorial.

First thing you will need is a raspberry pie. You can buy one here from amazon. Some other things you will need are a

  • Micro-SD card(at least 4GB)
  • A way to plug your SD card into the computer
  • Micro-USB Charger(5v)
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Windows PC
  • USB or bluetooth controller
  • Keyboard
  • Flash Drive

So here we go.

  1. Once it installs properly we are ready to get retro-pie on our SD card.  You should see the three files highlighted in red on your flash drive.
  2. After you have downloaded the file, drag it into your flashdrive’s directory.  Then extract it.When the file is extracted we need to download this.  This is a program that flashes your extracted .img file to the SD card. You cannot just drag the .img file onto the sd card.  When you have downloaded this program and it asks you were you would like to install it choose your flash drive(I like to keep everything together).
  3. Next go to this link. And download the retro pie file. Click the button that has a red rectangle around it unless you are using the older raspberry pie(the old pie might not run games as smooth).
  4. formatsdSelect Restore device defaults and then hit start. It should format it how we want it.
  5. The first thing that we are going to do is format the SD Card.  Make sure there is nothing you want on it and find it in your File Explorer.  Right click on it and select format.
  6. So I know you might be seeing flash drive and thinking, why would you need that.  This is a way to backup all the files you are going to be downloading.  If you are a person that tends to just unplug their pie, you will more than likely lose it. Not your fault, it is just very convenient to do so.  So having a backup of software that you can just plugin is very beneficial. You can also just keep the backup folder on your desktop if find that easier. All files in the red boxes should be in the folder you are saving to.

Next click on the ImageWriter folder and then run the Win32DiskImager.exe file.You should then see a screen like this. Where you choose the extracted retro-pie .img file by clicking the red box, and the drive your newly formatted SD card in the blue box. Mine is D:\

Then click write in the green box.

When it is finished you should see this displayed.

Congratulations you now have retro pie successfully installed on your SD card. Throw your SD card into the pie, plug it into a screen, power it on, and you should see it boot up.  If you don’t make sure you downloaded the correct file from the website and didn’t skip any of the above steps.

Now we have a gaming system, but no games. Sort of useless I will go over how to install Rom’s in a future post. Thanks for reading and subscribe if you want updated posts.


Up the extortion ladder


Who profits most on a technology that was created by US government?  Let us learn a bit about the origin of the internet. In the 1960’s the US government of defense awarded contracts to the development to the ARPANET laboratory at UCLA.  This technology was eventually evolved to TCP/IP which is the internet we now know today.

Let’s now look at what should be done about the technology that was created by our tax dollars but is now held hostage by greedy corporate interests.  The monopolies of the Internet Service provider have not been a new thing. As south park so eloquently points out most people don’t have a choice in their cable and internet providers.

So what should be done?  There are only a few options that I can see working out.  For one you can make it easier for competition to enter the internet market, but his will be fought tooth and nail by the already politically influential cable companies.

The second and probably better plan would be to have Internet be considered a public utility like water and electricity.  This would ensure that we don’t pay the crazy expensive rates we pay now.  America came up with this technology, yet we pay almost twice as much as most first world European countries. Thank you capitalism.

So either of these ideas are probably never going to be realistically done with the political power that the cable companies have, but we can work to restrict the current power grab they are working towards.  Net Neutrality is going to be a big issue in our future and I would encourage anyone that isn’t aware of it to read up on it.  It could allow for the big companies to throttle your internet if you don’t pay more.  Basically the next logical step up the extortion ladder.  Allowing censorship to happen when a company or individual doesn’t pay the piper.

Some politicians like Russ Feingold are looking to fight for us, if you agree with this notion show them your support.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.