Google Pixel The Awakening

I usually go with Samsung for a smartphone because they make a great product, and despite the note’s recent explosive setbacks, the s7 is doing great in sales and a great phone overall. I will not be writing about the s7 or Samsung though. This will be an article about the rise of the google Pixel.

I will not shy away from considering myself a google fanboy. A Google fanboy and the closely related sheeple of the apple brand should be proud of the companies they love and mindlessly give great deals of money too.

The only apple product I have ever owned is one of the first ipod touches, but I can see what kids see in cinnamon apple jack crunch and why apple is the powerhouse it is today. Apple has been able to be so successful mostly because of one thing. They control both the software and hardware sides of their product line.

You cannot underestimate the effect it has on both the design and function of a phone to have a company control both the hardware and software sides of the same device. With the usual android phone I feel like you end up with some kind of frankenstein’s monster phone with random cell phone pieces and code bits stolen from steve jobs’s grave. But finally google was able to realize that getting into the hardware game is worth their time and money.

One problem I have always had with both windows and android is the goddamn hardware developers putting their shitty ass inferior malware software on your expensive phone or pc. Sorry got a little graphic there but I feel very strongly on the subject. Not only does it usually look ugly, but it even affects the speed at which the device receives updates, poses a security risk for hacker to exploit and even keeps cool new features out of our already “gotta have it now” hands.

I do not believe I have seen a first generation of phone that is as good as the google pixel is. Remember I am not a phone reviewer that can get their hands on every phone that comes out but I would recommend this phone to anyone that asks. It’s main drawback is that Verizon is the only carrier for it, but if you can swing the dough you are able to order it directly from google and put it on your own carrier. I will be very very disappointed if this has to be case with the next Pixel phone. As an avid observer of google products I fully expect this phone to only get better with more generations released.

One thing I really like about the Pixel is the fingerprint scanner. It works flawlessly where I had many problems with the s7 failing to recognize my thumb. I thought somehow I had some sort of mutating snake skin thumbprint, where I would have to redo my thumbprint every few weeks. Having it on the back just seems like an overall better design decision for all phones in general.

The very best feature of the phone I would have to say is the integration it has with the google search engine. Google assistant is the best assistant app on any phone or computer, not because it is necessarily better, but because it has google’s big hulking data muscles behind it.

Here are some pictures I took with the phone.  They are much better quality than the pictures the guy below will be taking.

I have found the google photo app to be totally worth using, and the fact that you get unlimited storage for free with a Pixel is frosting on the cake. It is so easy to take pictures at a certain event then just share them with the friends and family that were there.

The camera is magnificent, I have never been a person that takes many pictures, but I think I will definitely start now that they look so good and are so easy to share.
I look forward to the future generations of the google Pixel and I know I will most likely be sticking with it as my future phone . When you use google’s services as much as as I do you really don’t have any other choice. That is really where we come down to, and where I see it coming down to in the future, Big A vs Big G. These two will continue earning a larger and larger lead on their competition and eventually the others will be left in the dust.

Thanks for reading.

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