Plex server not finding the drive you want to save to(Linux)?

My Problem

Alright so I thought I would do a quick post on a problem that I just ran into and solved recently.  I installed plex media server in my Linux computer with no issues.  I had all my movies and TV shows saved on an external hard drive plugged into my computer.

I tried everything

Opening the config file with:

sudo nano /etc/default/plexmediaserver

Finding this line:


and changing plex to my username didn’t work.
But give it a try it if you haven’t yet.

My Solution

What ended up working for me was the command:

sudo chown -R plex /media/

I tried it with:

sudo chown -R plex /media/tom/TomZeehsDrive

Which was the location of my actual hard drive but that didn’t work.
I had to move up a directory to get it to finally work.
Hope this helps some people out there.
Happy Watching!!!

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